Road safety in India

Road safety in India




As per study undertaken by international driver education company Zutobi South Africa has been ranked as  the world’s most dangerous country to drive in while India came in at 4th place.

Key points

 among the list of 56 country in the study-

  • Thailand came in second position
  • United States tooks up third spot
  • The safest road in the world can be found in Norway, Scandinavian neighbour Sweden having the third safest roads
  • Japan took second place according to the study

Each countries is analysed on factors giving each one are normalised score out of 10 for each factor included-

  • Estimate on the number of road traffic deaths per 100000 population
  •  the percentage of car  occupants Who use a seat belt when travelling in the front of a vehicle
  • Maximum speed limit on motorway and blood alcohol content is reduction in the various countries were also taken into account

Brasilia declaration on road safety

  •  it was signed in 2015 at 2nd Global high level conference on road safety held in Brazil
  • It was signed to achieve the sustainable development 3.6 by 2020,  half the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accident


 key features of brasilia declaration are as follows-

  •  country should form transport policies in order to save the sustainable Modes of transport such as walking cycling etc

It highlights strategies to ensure the safety of all Road users by-

  •  improving Laws and enforcement
  •  making roads safer through infrastructural modification
  • Ensuring that vehicles are equipped with life saving Technologies

Some  other programs are as follows

  • United Nation global road safety week is celebrated every two years highlighting the need for strong leadership for road safety
  •  The international assessment program is a registered Charity dedicated to saving lives through safer  Road

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