Sculpting Idols of the God instead of Taj miniature in Agra City : A Changing Trend because of the Covid 19  (GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture)

Sculpting Idols of the God instead of Taj miniature in Agra City : A Changing Trend because of the Covid 19  (GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture)

Context : 

India has been facing the problem of the coronavirus pandemic for more than one and half years and because of this pandemic the number of foreign tourists in Agra has decreased drastically . The artisans who are expert in miniature art of tajmahal, now are facing the problem of decreased demand of the miniature of taj. Therefore most of them had changed their path and started to sculpt the idols of Hindu God and Goddess whose demand is still good and continuously increasing in the local market . 

Miniature art :

  • Miniature art is a form of art in which we either make painting or sculpting any idols in iits small form . even though this term was used during the 16th century by British Artisans to explain its form. In fact the art work in its minor form is called miniature art. If we observe its history we see that from the 3rd, 4th century in India we get the evidence of miniature sculptures in large numbers . Even though the history of miniature painting goes back up to the paleolithic period. Cave painting in India is a type of miniature painting . But the miniature sculpting is not older than 3rd century AD

  • The terms miniature art is used by a British Sir Philip Sydney 

  • Besides india , we find the evidence of standard miniature painting of 3rd 4th century Ad from Turkey, egypt, Iran etc

Famous Miniature artists of India 

  • Ganseh Subramanyan

He is the famous personality of Miniature art. He belongs to Kerala He has done more than 50 miniature works till date . the nano sculptures of Ganesh could not be seen by your naked eye . It can be seen by using lenses only. He used Gold in developing miniature models of Taj Mahal and Hindu god and goddess . His most challenging work so far has been a number lock he made a few years ago. The work also holds a world record for being the smallest functioning gold code lock ever made.

  • Agnika Banarjee

  • A Bengali artist , 31st year old, MBA graduate , expert in miniature art (sculpting ). She used clay for sculpting and All her clay miniatures are made up of polymer clay (a kind of clay which hardens when baked in an oven). 

  • She also used chalk pastels and glaze for added effects. The common tools used are blades, needle tools, rolling pin and shape cutters.

Kailash Babu 

  •  A 24-year-old boy from Tiruvallur in Tamil Nadu has carved more than 200 miniature sculptures on pencil lead – some as small as 0.7 mm in diameter. 

  • He is an engineering graduate and uses his engineering skill in such art .

  • Among them have been sculptures of bookshelves, alphabets, farmers, birds, vehicles, faces, tools, and even a newborn attached to the umbilical cord.

India is a big market for miniature sculpture. The miniature sculptures look very beautiful and are used in home decoration also. Definitely when we overcome the corona pandemic, the market of miniature idols  of agra will also expand. Indian miniature is diversified in its nature 


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