Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Banga Bandhu, 1920-1975) (The Hindu, GS-1 History)

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Banga Bandhu, 1920-1975): 1960s Started political rallies against Pak President Ayub Khan’s biased policies against East Pakistan.

  • 1970s- Won majority seats in the Pakistan general election. He won more seats than all the parties of West Pakistan! West Pakistan military regime did not honour the the election result & launched “Operation Searchlight” on 25/3/1971 to arrest / murder East Pakistani leaders
  • 26/3/1971: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: declared independence of Bangladesh from west Pakistan.
  • 10 million Bengalis fled their country to India due to persecution by Pakistani army.
  • Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent army to help in Bangladesh Liberation war, Trained Mukti Bahini (Gorilla force).
  • Rahman became prime minister of Bangladesh: Nationalised the private industries, Initiated Land Reforms, signed 25 year Indo Bangladesh Treaty of friendship, Joined UN & NAM. 15th Aug 1975: Junior Army officers in Bangladeshi Army staged a coup, Assassinated Rahman, wife, sons. Daughter Sheikh Hasina later became PM. India awarded Gandhi Peace Prize 2020 to Bangabandhu. 2021 is his 101st birth anniversary

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