Significance of India- German partnership : In Changing perspective of The world

Significance of India- German partnership : In Changing perspective of The world

Significance of India- German partnership : In Changing perspective of The world-  Today Current Affairs

Context : German Navy frigate Bayern landed in Mumbai on Thursday, January 20, 2022. And in this a new chapter starts in the field of India Germany Partnership 



  • Germany is the largest trading partner of India among all European countries . therefore this economical relation is now strengthened with the strategic relation as German Navy frigate Bayern reached Indian port 
  • India has had a strategic relation with Germany since 2001 . Indo German strategic relationship has not strengthened with Inter- Governmental Consultations at the level of head of the government 
  • After the landing of Navy frigate Bayern in the Arab Sea near Mumbai, new dimensions of Indo German relationship. India and Germany both are the democratic countries now. After the second world war India was the first country who had declared its relation with the Federal Republic of Germany  (West Germany where the US influence was more ). 


Significance of Indo German relation in changing perspective: The Hindu Analysis

  • The Indo Pacific region is the most important region for India strategically . The Indo pacific region is the region where almost 65 percent of the world is inhabited . Obviously this region is economically as well as strategically important for India as well as Germany both . 
  • Obviously this region plays an important role in carbon emission and most of the carbon emission of the world is recorded from here . This is the big Challenge for those countries which are working for the environmental conservation 
  • India is the biggest country in the Indo pacific region in terms of paying capacity . Therefore , for Germany India would be economically beneficial. India has been a supporter of free and exclusive trade with European countries . In the perspective of Germany , As being democratic and responsible country of the world India is playing an important role in the resoling the global problems like climate change , food security, other global issues etc., 
  • Germany companies can established their manufacturing unit in India because of liberal economic policies of India 
  • Earlier Indo German relationship was not too significant but in the changing scenario because of the rise of China as an authoritarian state , this bilateral relation became more significant . Earlier Germany also cheered China for its economical development because in German perspective , it would bring prosperity in Germany . However this inversely affected the economy of Germany . Parallely China is continuously increasing its influence in pacific sea also 
  • This ambition of China created a threat for Australia as well as the EU also. The antidemocratic nature of the China in Hong Kong completed Germany to see towards India as important and significant strategic partner in South China se 
  • The changing paradigm of the international atmosphere compelled the European Union to change its economic and diplomatic policies in Asia . 

The most important reasons for Indo German relationship are:

    • The increasing tension between India and China recently . China is an authoritarian state while India is democratic. Having close economic relations with India would be more beneficial for the EU. The Hindu Analysis.
    • It is commonplace in Germany to point to the flaws in Indian democracy, and thereby deem India an unworthy partner, at least in terms of shared values. 
    • Germany focuses on trade and investment as the main conduit to deepen its relations with India. This fixation, however, leads Germany (and the EU) down a cul-de-sac of labor and environmental standards, at the expense of macro-level values of liberalism. All these problems are surmountable.


In this way, we see the India Germany partnership would be beneficial for both. For the EU , India would be more relievable in changing a global atmosphere . For the India perspective the global support is required to curtail the increasing influence of China in south China sea.


In this article we mention all information about Significance of India- German partnership : In Changing perspective of The world  Today Current Affairs.

GS Paper 2 (International Relation )

Source- The Hindu 

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