Significance of Jaffna cultural Centre in respect to India Srilanka Relation

Significance of Jaffna cultural Centre in respect to India Srilanka Relation

(GS Paper II : International relation )

Context : A cultural centre dedicated to jaffna culture  was built in Sri Lanka with the financial support of India but still this centre is to be inaugurated. 

A cultural centre dedicated to preservation of the cultural element related to Jaffna regions was built and this was a milestone in the field of the development of the preservation of cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. After two years of  its completion it is still waiting for the inauguration . As per the local media report, the local administration had deployed an army to prevent any inauguration. This shows the biases and descriminationary nature of the Shrilankan government towards tamil Culture 

Jaffna is Sri Lanka’s northern province and has been facing the problem of insurgency. In Jaffna region, Tamil people are in majority but they have been treated in discriminatory behaviour for a long time. For nationalism, emotional attachment of the pub;ic should be there toward the nation and this emotional attachment comes from the culture . If Government of Sri Lanka will promote cultural heritage of Jaffna people definitely various race residing of Jaffna would come together and would feel emotional affection towards Lanks

The establishment of the peace is also necessary in Indian context , because of discontent of Tamil of Sri Lanka, we have already lost our young ex prime minister so , we should assist Shrilankan government for preserving and promoting Jaffna culture

Sri Lanka is the most important friend of India from a strategic point of view . Any likeness will attract Sri Lanka towards China . Therefore India will always seek peace in Sri Lanka 

This cultural centre has a big auditorium and India had invested almost 11 million dollars in its construction . In the auditorium almost 600 people can sit .

As per the MoU signed by India and Sri Lanka in 2014, the government of India was to hand over the facility to the government of Sri lanka that would hand over it to Municipal Council of jaffna . and the Municipal council of jaffna would take care this cultural centre and in this regard this municipal council would have sole right and autonomy. Central government of Sri Lanka would not interfere 

Without the support of Shrilankan government how it would be run, is a big question . 

In fact there must be a strong and autonomous government in the Northern region and this cultural centre must be managed either by the provincial government or by the local government . Even Though , the mayor of Jaffna assured that he is able to manage this cultural centre 

India is keen to see the flourishing culture of Jaffna regions . People of Jaffna should be taught about their culture and civilization so they could know about their art and religion and other cultural activities . India has always been in the support of cultural development and culturally, India has very close relation to Sri Lanka. Historically Chola king had conquered Sri lanka many times and before it Asoka had sent ambassadors to Sri Lanka  .  In Indian mythology, we consider that Shrilanka was also won by lord Rama . Any way, india’s interest would always lie in the peace of Sri Lanka so that the culture of Jaffna region would be flourished 

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