Social murder and the missing state(The Hindu, GS-2, Governance)

Social murder and the missing state(The Hindu, GS-2, Governance)

Context:- This Pandemic has led to death of millions in india and worse about economy, and government has said that they are not responsible for the destruction caused by the pandemic has a long term consequences on democracy.

During 1840’s Engel’s government in England allowed the state murder of working class by not taking action in the pandemic back then. Same can be seen in india.

Why this is a state led murder.

  • Prime minister has not addressed a single press conference till now when death tolls are close to 4000 daily.
  • Swedish prime minster was enquired by the constitutional committee on the issue of tackling the covid crises but that constitutional mechanism is not available in India.
  • Central Government skillfully denied it’s negligence and state governments are pathetic towards the issue.
  • Allocation of oxygen to the state is not the required amount.
  • Government supporters are not even asking to government about the issue but criticizing the media.
  • According to weber current state of India is a patrimonial state, i.e. a traditional form of state where accountability is firstly compromised.
  • Holding the FIR against those who are asking for the oxygen cylinder shows the fallacy of the regime.

What should be done:-

  • Turning towards the active democracy rather passive democracy.
  • Accountability mechanism for government holding accountable.
  • Government should always persue good governance.

People must be the end in itself.

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