Segregated UPSC Previous Question Paper Sociology

Segregated UPSC Previous Question Paper Sociology

Segregated UPSC Previous Question Paper 

Scope and Sociology Relationship with Other Social Science 

  • From the viewpoint of growing importance of multidisciplinarity, how do you 

relate sociology to other social sciences 2021,UPSC

  • Discuss the changing equation of discipline of Sociology with other Social Sciences. 2017, UPSC
  • Compare and contrast Sociology with Anthropology 2013,UPSC
  • “Sociology without History is rootless and History without Sociology is fruitless.” Elaborate. 2010, UPSC


Sociology and Common sense 

  • How is Sociology related to common Sense. 2021, UPSC
  • The focal point of sociology rests on interaction. How do you distinguish it from common sense? 2018,UPSC


Sociology as Science and Research methods and Analysis 

  • What is a subjective method in social research? Examine Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as a technique for data collection, with suitable examples
    upsc 2011
  • Fact, Value and Objectivity Upsc 2012
  • Fact and Value Upsc 2011 
  • Critically examine positivistic approach in sociological studies UPSC 2013 
  • In what way is the interpretative method different from the positivist approach in the study of social phenomena 20 marks,Upsc 2014
  • How is objectivity different from value neutrality? Discuss with reference to Weber’s views on methodology? 10 marks, upsc 2014 
  • How is sociological approach to human actions different from that of Psychological approach? 10 marks, upsc 2014 
  • In what way biographies could be used to study social life. 10 marks, upsc 2014
  • Which research technique would be most suitable for the study of consumer behavior and its social correlates? Explain 20 marks, upsc 2014 
  • Examine the problems of maintaining objectivity and value neutrality in Social Science research. 20 marks, Upsc 2015 
  • Is Sociology a science? Give a reason for your answer? 10 marks, upsc 2015 
  • Non-positivist methodology is essential for understanding human behavior. Discuss. 10 marks Upsc 2015 
  • Discuss the relevance of historical methods in the study of society. 10 marks, upsc 2015
  • What are variables? Discuss their role in experimental research. 10 marks,
    upsc 2015
  • Why is random sampling said to have more reliability and validity in sociological research? 20 marks, upsc 


  • What is “ Value-free sociology”? Clarify 10, marks, upsc 2016 
  • Analyze the importance of qualitative methods in Social research. 10 marks, upsc 2016 
  • Describe the postulates of scientific method. How far are these followed in Sociological research? 20, marks, upsc 2016 
  • Hypothesis is a statement of the relationship between two or more variables. Elucidate by giving examples of poverty and illiteracy. 20 marks, upsc 2016 
  • Examine Ethnomethodological and Phenomenological perspectives as critique of Positivism 10 marks, Upsc 2017 
  • Illustrate with examples the significance of variables in Sociological research .10 marks,upsc 2017 
  • Examine the basic postulates of positivism and post-positivism. 20, marks,
    upsc 2017 
  • Elaborate the main tenets of interpretive perspective in Sociology. 10, marks, upsc2017 
  • Discuss distinct Sociological method used by Emile Durkheim in his study of “suicide”. 20 marks, Upsc, 2017
  • Examine epistemological foundations of qualitative methods of social science research. 10 marks, 2017 
  • How can one resolve the issue of reliability and validity in the context of sociological research in inequality. 10 marks, Upsc 2017
  • Is non-positivist methodology scientific? Illustrate 20 marks,2018 upsc
  • Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collection with suitable examples from Indian Society. 20 marks,upsc 2018 
  • Explain with examples, explanatory and exploratory designs of social science research. 10 marks, upsc 2018 
  • Explain the probability sampling strategies with examples. 10 marks, upsc 2018
  • Discuss the importance of interpretative understanding of social phenomena and explain its interpretation. 20 marks, upsc 2019
  • Bring out the significance of ethnography social science research 20 marks, upsc 2019
  • Is sociology a value free science? Discuss 10 marks, upsc 2020
  • Methodology is a system of rules, principles and procedures,which form scientific investigation. Comment 10 marks, upsc 2020 
  • Discuss the importance and sources of hypothesis in social research. 10 marks, upsc 2020
  • Analyze the trend and weakness of social survey methods in social research. 10 marks, 2020
  • Phenomenological perspectives in sociology reject many of the assumptions of positivism. Comment. 20 marks, upsc 2020
  • Do you think ethnomethodology helps us in getting reliable and valid data? Justify your answer. 10 marks, upsc 2021 
  • Discuss the challenges involved in collecting data through census methods. 10 marks, upsc 2021

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