Srinagar : A creative city’ for craft and folk arts (GS Paper I : Art and culture,) (Source : Indian Express )

Srinagar : A creative city’ for craft and folk arts (GS Paper I : Art and culture,) (Source : Indian Express )

Context : Srinagar is recognised as a creative city for craft and folk art by UNESCO . It is the 6th Indian city which is recognised by the UNESCO as the creative city for the craft and folk art. Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Varanasi and Jaipur have been already recognised by the UNESCO with same designation  

About the History of Srinagar 

  • Presently Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir. This city was controlled by the Mauryan kings also. Aoka was the king who introduced Buddhism in this region 

  • Many other cultures have also flourished in this region like kushan culture during the time of Kanisjh had been flourished here> Gupta king Chandragupta II and Mihirkula (A Huna king) also ruled over this city / region 

  • The term Srinagar is the sum of two terms Sri and Nagar . Sre refers to laxmi and Nagar means Town . Its history starts from the period of Asoka . As per the view of some historian Pravarsena (it may be local ruler, not a vakataka ruler) established this town During the period of Huna ruler Mihirkul , It was made as the capital of Kashmir

  • Muslim culture penetrated in Srinagar during 12-13 th century. Zanul Abdin was the prominent and secular king of the kashmir  Mughals generally visited kashmir region and Mughals equated this region with heaven also 

  • In the modern period srinagar was controlled by Raja Ranjeet Singh, the ruler of Punjab . Ranjeet Singh had friendly relations with the British . During British period Kashir was the princely state 

Significance of the recognition of UNESCO 

  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization )is the subsidiary of the UNO whose objective is to promote cultural harmony and establish peace at global level. It recognises many cultural sites on several parameters. 

  • For sSrinagar, it recognition at international level will be helpful for the promotion of tourism in Srinagar 

  • UNESCO generally recognises the town on the bases of the parameter of craft, craft, folk art, media arts, film design, gastronomy, literature and music. It invites applications from the entire world to get the recognition . The ministry of culture of every country sends their applications and a selection committee of UNESCO give recognition on the bases of several parameters . 

  • Srinagar has been famous for its art and craft for a long time . traditional Kashmiri handicrafts like shawls, and also dried fruits are not popular throughout India but these are popular in entire world 

  • Every year tourists from various countries come to Kashmir to purchase various woolen clothes like Pashmina shawls, carpets, hand-woven rugs, woolen items, embroidered jackets, Phirhan, scarves . wood carvings art has also been famous as kashmiri folk art . 

  • The papier-mâché craft is also famous in Kashmir . Nowadays this art has flourished out of the Srinagar i, in various regions of kashmir like Kupwara, Baramulla, Budgam and Anantnag. It is said that it is the Sakhtasaz . It is said that it is the Sakhtasaz who makes the items with paper pulp, and Naqqash then does the painting and ornamentation. While the Sakhta work is traditionally done by Sunni artisans located in the Naupura locality, the Naqqashi craftsmen are Shias based in Zadibal, Kamangarpura and Hasanabad.

  • Srinagar is the city where we can see the comiste culture, a fundamental feature of Indian culture. Srinagar is also famous for its traditional music. Chakri is the traditional folk music of Srinagar

Defenetly, this is the big achievement for the Srinagar and this would also promote the tourism in Valley and the promotion of cultural activities in kashmir would be helpful in curtailment of the terrorism also 

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