Strategic Significance of Area of Depsang (Ladakh Border) : A critical analysis

Strategic Significance of Area of Depsang (Ladakh Border) : A critical analysis

Strategic Significance of Area of Depsang (Ladakh Border) : Today Current Affairs

Context : After the Sino India war in 1962, the Indian army was confronted with the problems of the bodies of around 190 Indian soldiers lying in the areas around 8-16 km inside the Chinese claim line in Ladakh 1960. In Aug 1963 , Chinese agreed to carry out the cremation and hand over the ashes to the Indian red cross; however , Indians were not allowed to participate during the ceremony . At Rezang La and Gurung Hill PLA buries the body of Indian soldiers – wooden post with the inscription in Chinese and and English “The corps of Indian Invaders. In Fact the purpose of this post was to claim over these areas in future negotiations 


Introduction : 

  • China is continuously increasing her activities near Ladakh . She is trying to delink the area of Depsang  from the ongoing Ladakh border . This will bolster the position of China .During this worrying condition , the Indian government is also raising its steps . As per the interview of Army Chief General MM Naravane , “In Ladakh, out of 6 friction point five has been solved”. 
  • Depsang is an enclave of flat terrain. Where Army finds vulnerable in Ladakh devising plans to tackle the major Chinese challenges . Delinking of Depsang  from the current border increased the worries of India . However this Chinese argument invalidates the rightful Indian claims over a large swathe of territory . 
  • Sparsely populated areas like Ladakh, with limited forward deployment of the troops, the only ascertain of the territorial claims is by regular patrolling . By arguing that the blockade at Y Junction predates the current stand – off – a legacy issue’ that goes back years- the Chinese side can affirm that Indian patrols never had access too this are and India has no valid claim on the territory Already living with the disadvantage of being a lesser power vis-a vis China , this arguments further weakens India’s hand during negotiations in Ladakh.

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What is Depsang Plain : The Hindu Analysis

  • SSN’s flat terrain of Depsang , Trig heights and DBO which provide direct access to Aksai Chin This is a very high altitude plain, situated in the Aksai Chin region of Kashmir (Northwest portion) . It is divided between India and China through the Line of Actual Control . India has no development in this area while China has multiple roads that provide easy access to this area . This leaves SSN (Subsector north ) highly vulnerable to capture by the PLA, with a few thousands of square kilometers from the Karakoram Pass to Burtse, likely to be lost . Nowhere else in Ladakh is the PLA likely to gain so much territory in a single swoop. Today Current Affairs.
  • SSN lies to the east of Siachen, located between the Saltoro ridge on the Pakistani border and the lesser ridge close to the Chine border . It is the only place where a physical military collusion can take place between Pakistan and China – and a challenge for two front war can become real in the worst case scenario . If  any time India loses this area, it would be almost impossible to launch any military operation to wrest back Gilgit Baltistan from Pakistan 
  • Despang Can also be considered as the launch pad area. Today Current Affairs.


In fact India is facing the threat from China in the Ladakh region also and China is continuously adopting its aggressive policy against India . The statement given by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi during the All Party meeting in 2020 that nobody entered the region of India was a big blunder. India can not afford another repeated big Blunder. Definitely Government should definitely raise appropriate steps to tackle such problems . 


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