The agonising cost of ham-handed development

The agonising cost of ham-handed development

Issue: Recent disaster in Uttarakhand due to avalanche

->Some people argue that it is because of haphazard development.

->Why haphazard development in Uttarakhand.

  • It is devbhumi, which has many pilgrimage centre
  • These pilgrimage centres require the infrastructure to sustain a continuous flow of tourists.
  • Even foreign tourists are visiting these sites, so it requires roads, dams etc for ease in living.

->Government is also doing the same e.g. Char Dham Project under which government is building roads and dams but DPR remains the issue
->What we must do

  • Sustainable development
  • Rural tourism
  • Detailed project report must be scrutinised.
  • Local-level people coordination and consultation
  • Detailed study on the ecology of this fragile region.
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