The Extinction Rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion

 (General Studies Paper 2, Role of External State

Source- India Today)

 What does it mean

It is a decentralized International political non  partisan movement using non violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade the government to  act Justly on the climate and ecological emergency.

Reasons for its launch

It is a response to  a report by the  United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change. It wants to communicate the urgency to bring change and to reduce Greenhouse gas emission to net zero by 2025

What is Extinction rebellion

 Extinction rebellion seeks to ask groups to self-organize without the need for anyone’s permission to come up with collective action plans as long as they adhere to the group for principle and values.

The activities of extinction rebellion

  •  The declaration of the Extinction was launched in London
  •  Their eventual plants was to coordinate action in other countries and to engage in an international march in  2019
  •  They have  protested in United States, Australia and New Zealand

How It is related to India

  •  Extinction rebellion website says that there are 19  groups in the country included in the city of Mumbai  Pune Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Kerala etc
  • It  also has a youth group in Nagpur whose number were born after 1990
  • One of the  groups early public event was a die-in protest organized at Bandra reclamation in Mumbai in October 2019
  • The Indian chapter of Extinction have also been  open about the local issues including the ongoing protest by farmers at The Gates of Delhi

Toolkit case in  nutshell

  •  Greta shares tool kit
  •  Delhi Police files FIR
  •  Delhi Police pick up activist Disha Ravi
  •  Court sends  Disha Ravi to police custody
  •  outrage over Disha Ravi arrest
  •  non bailable warrant against two others

What are the advantages of such kind of movement

  •  It create lots of awareness
  • Because of awareness proliferation happens
  •  It also built empowerment

 Disadvantages of such kind of movement

  • This kind of movement started  targeting Issues which are not underlined issues
  •  It can create violence

-Khyati Khare

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