The fallout of Anti-defection law (GS-2, Polity, The Hindu)

The fallout of Anti-defection law (GS-2, Polity, The Hindu)

About Anti-defection Law:

    • included within the Tenth Schedule in 1985 to combat the the issues of political defecetion.
    • BackGround
      • It was created to regulate the defections in legislators.
      • purpose of opposing defection law is
      •  to preserve the soundness of governments 
      • To secure the MLA and M.P.s  from defections of legislators
      • Ensuring the candidates electoral with party symbols to stay loyal to party policies.
  • Provisions of law
    • If any Member of Parliament (MP) +  State law-makers (MLA) would vote on any motion contrary to the directions issued by their party then then will be disqualified from their workplace
    • It applies to the Rajya Sabha and Legislative Councils i.e. all homes at centre moreover as state,.
  • Range of the supply
      • It applies to all or any votes within the House
      • An MP (or MLA) has completely no freedom to vote in line with their own conscience.
      • They will need to follow the direction of the party which can go against the body of that MLA/MP.
      • Some provisions against the idea of representative democracy that undermines the democratic values.
      • roles of a representative like Associate in Nursing MP
      • One is that area unit|they’re} agents of the voters and are expected to vote in line with the advantages of their constituents. 
      • their duty to their constituents is to exercise their judgement on varied problems towards the broader public interest. 
  • Recent legal document of former U.S. President Donald Trump
    • seven members from his party votes against him.
    • These form of call doesn’t have any legal  sanction.
    • In the UK political parties has free vote that don’t seem to be controlled by whips issued by parties.

Daily Current Affairs 26 February 2021.

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