The Ganga’s message(The Hindu, GS-3)

The Ganga’s message(The Hindu, GS-3)

Context:- The Ganga has witnessed many stages of India’s civilisation but in recent decades it has become a conduit for sewage, solid waste, industrial effluents and other pollutants. It is depressing that a new study by an NGO has found evidence of a modern day scourge, microplastics, in the river, with the highest concentrations in Varanasi and Kanpur

Why pollution in Ganga:-

  • Sewage of urban areas, waste of industries etc.
  • Low Ecological carrying capacity.
  • alarming presence of  plastic filaments
  •  secondary broken down plastics from articles of everyday use
  •  97 towns on the bank of Ganga may be discharging about 750 million litres.
  • Governments issued waste management rules but hardly gave a heed to implementation. 

What is the government doing?

  • Swachh Bharat which is dealing with solid waste on one hand and on other Namami Gange is to rid the river of its pollution.
  • Plastic Waste Management Rules in the cities have failed to be implemented.


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