The time to limit global warming is melting away (The Hindu, GS-3, Environment)

The time to limit global warming is melting away (The Hindu, GS-3, Environment)


Context:- 5th June environment day which shows the commitment of humanity towards preservation of the environment. COVID-19 pandemic and increasing climate change shows the divergence of humanity from the environment. World Environment Day (June 5) is an important moment to take stock on climate change.

India’s response to climate crises:

  • India has a strong record on tackling climate change.
  • impressive domestic targets to have 450GW of renewable energy by
  • 2030.
  • establishing the International Solar Alliance.
  • establishing the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI).
  • 2030 UK­India Roadmap to work closely together on the bestways to drive the green growth.
  • Paris Agreement, to limit global temperature rises to well below 2°C, aiming for 1.5°C

What amount we need to cut in order for paris agreement:-

  • Tracker estimates that countries’ current emissions:

Way forward as according to the U.K.

  • U.K. is pressing for urgent action around four key goals
  • keep 1.5°C within reach, globally, we need to reach net zero by the middle of this century. 
  • 2nd goal is to protect people and nature from the worst effects of climate change
  • 3rd one is for developed countries to deliver the $100 billion they promised annually to support developing countries. 
  • we must work together to deliver on these goals.

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