Tracking the pandemic’s rural march(The Hindu,GS-2,Governance, Health)

Tracking the pandemic’s rural march(The Hindu,GS-2,Governance, Health)


Context:- Pandemic’s initial wave led to a mass exodus of migrant laborers from cities towards rural India because rural areas will not let them sleep with empty stomachs.

Why this time rural india is in the critical stage:-

  • only 29% of specialists were present in the community health centres in Uttar Pradesh 
  •  Bihar reported the highest shortage in availability of sub centres, at 58%, followed by Jharkhand
  • primary health care centres  which is also known as PHCs, are 73% for Jharkhand, 58% for West Bengal, 53% for Bihar and 51% for Uttar Pradesh.
  • Mass gathering in rural areas
  • Issue of worst governance
  • A feeling of neglect.
  • steps were not taken to contain the spread along with augmenting the rural health infrastructure
  • West Bengal:- Election time; no precautions such as social distancing in place

Issue of Miss governance:-

  • When people are asking for their rights in the health sector, the government of Uttar Pradesh is threatening them with legal action.
  • When allahabad high court intervene government of uttar pradesh went to supreme court shows arrogance of government
  • Government is reporting less cases that show complacency.
  • Rather than increasing in health infrastructure, government is talking about publicity.

What is the way forward in the current circumstances?

  • A comprehensive testing with contract tracing
  • Providing the health care to the neglected
  • A control on exorbitant prices in the private hospitals
  • People are the end in themselves.

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