UN Institute For Training and Research

UN Institute For Training and Research

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Source- The Hindu)


  • UN Institute For training and research has commended India’s remarkable  progress in reducing premature mortality from non communicable disease
  •  The Prime Minister of India expressed his gratitude to United Nation Institute For training and research

Important points

  • As per WHO’s Global Health observatory  Indian succeeded in reducing  India succeeded in reducing premature non-communicable disease-
  • Following uniquely Indian steps to reduce Underline non communicable disease risk factor
  1.  replacement of fuel wood by LPG across rural household has significantly reduced household Pollution by reducing risk of cancer and chronic lung diseases
  2.  promoting and active life worldwide through activities like yoga can address the Risk of cardiovascular disease

 About United Nations Institute For Training and Research

  • It was founded in 1963 following the Recommendation of United Nations Economic and Social Council to the general assembly
  •  It is dedicated training arm of the United Nations system
  • To train and equip young diplomats  from newly independent UN member states with the  knowledge and skills needed to navigate to the diplomatic environment
  •  The institute also assists the Ministry of Finance through its courses on public debt management finance and trade.

ICMR report India health of the Nation’s States

  •  The contribution of non communicable diseases to total death in the country was 61.8% in 2016 as compared to 37.9 % in 1990
  •  Some examples of Non communicable diseases that is diabetes and hypertension and cancer are on the rise in India

-Khyati Khare

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