US India artificial intelligence initiative

US India artificial intelligence initiative

(GS Paper 3, Science and Technology- Developments and their Applications and Effects in Everyday Life.

Source- The Hindu)


 The Indo-US Science and Technology forum has launched the US India artificial intelligence initiative to focus on artificial intelligence for operation in critical areas.

 key points

USAII will serve at the platform to-

  •  Discuss opportunities challenges and barriers for bilateral Artificial Intelligence research and development collaboration
  • Enable artificial intelligence innovation, help share ideas for developing and artificial intelligence workforce  comment mode and mechanism for catalyzing partnership

USAII Leverages IUSSTF unique ability to-

  •  bring together key stakeholders from India and the United States
  •  create Synergy that address challenges and opportunity at the interface of  science and technology and Society
  •   more research and high impact collaboration in artificial intelligence is needed to boost both the economy to create job and bring prosperity

Indo-us Science and Technology forum

  •  it is an autonomous bilateral organization funded by both the government
  •  It promotes Science Technology Engineering and innovation through substantive interaction among Government academician and industry
  •  The department of Science and Technology Government of India and the US department of state are the respective nodal department

 India and artificial intelligence

  •  Artificial Intelligence Describe the action of machine Encompassing talk that has historical  required human intelligence
  • It include Technologies like machine learning pattern recognition, neural network, self algorithm etc
  •  It is estimated that artificial intelligence will add 957 billion dollars to India GDP by the year 2035 India’s annual growth by 1.3 points
  •  In Global artificial intelligence report 2019 India stood at the ninth position in terms of the number of the artificial intelligence specialist working in the field
  •  CBSE has introduced artificial intelligence as an elective subjects for its ninth grade classes
  •  IIT Hyderabad has launched a full-face bachelor of Technology program in artificial intelligence becoming the first Indian educational institution to do so.

 challenges with artificial intelligence in India

  •  there is a collaboration between industry and academia 
  •  there is a lack of enabling data ecosystem
  • High resource cost and low awareness for adopting  artificial intelligence in business processes.

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