Vaccine skirmishes (The Hindu, Economy, GS-3)

Vaccine skirmishes (The Hindu, Economy, GS-3)

Context:- Developing countries are asking the intellectual property right wavier for COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Why IPR waiver on COVID vaccines is needed.
      • Developing countries are the one who are the the edge, neither they have expertise to tackle, nor they have resources and nor they have money to R&D
      • This will decrease the poor’s hardship.
      • Will help in saving the loved one’s
  • But there are some challenges in the IPR waiver
    •  the grant of a waiver would have to be accompanied by a “tech transfer.
    •  how any vaccine then produced by these generic manufacturers would pass the tests of safety, immunogenicity and protective efficacy. 
    •  The impact on global supply chains for vaccine production should be examined in order to avoid disruptions.
    • alternative options to urgently address vaccine shortfalls should be considered.
  • These challenges must be addressed simultaneously in order to provide relief to the COVID affected population
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