Zine Culture : A culture of Art Lovers  (GS Paper 1: Art and Culture)

Zine Culture : A culture of Art Lovers  (GS Paper 1: Art and Culture)

Context : 

A fest related to zine art.is going to start in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. On this occasion many artists , painters and the designers and art lovers would be gathered and they would discuss how they could use zine culture commercially . how zine culture can be converted in to economical vival art

Zine Culture 

  • This culture was initially developed in Europe, particularly in England. The artwork like picture making or colour designing on small scale , paritilary on self published magazine or work  is called Zine culture .

  •  It emerged during the 1980s when feminist and punk protests were started by several magazines in Europe . 

  • This culture generally promotes innovations , collaborations and sharing among various communities . These are the good art for putting our issues on artistic way 

What is Zine 

  • Even Though this term is very difficult to clearly define, as per the oxford dictionary it is derived from the term fanzine or magazine .

  • Generally this was a type of book which was published for entertainment. 

  • Funny cartoons were used to show science fiction through these fanzines . 

  • Zines were the roots of the magazines which were published during 60s and 80 to propagate the social and political activism 

  • Generally the term Zine is used for the publication of appropriate appropriated texts and images in its original form. If we use the definition of this term as the self published unique work for the interests of the minorities (Cultural , religious and other minorities)

Zine Culture is flourishing in India also 

  • During the decade of the 1930s it flourished in Europe. Gradually it started to flourish in other regions of the world. In India, it penetrated after the 1980s . We have several libraries related to various zines like The Tate (Renowned British Museum and the Library for the Zines ). Zines are generally non commercial and published only for the home . Zine are the symbol of home made art . 

  • In India , Bombay Underground is the institute patroning zine culture . This is co-founded by Himanshu S and Aqui Thami. This institute is playing a lot of role in the propagation of the zine culture 

  • Gayasi zine Bazar is situated in Delhi and Mumbai both places . it has hosted physical pop-ups in both the cities 

  • Zindabad is the institute working for the promotion of zine culture , organising zine making workshops . It worked online also during this corona pandemic 

  • There’s also the brilliant Blue Jackal (@bluejackalhere), an indie platform for visual narratives (including zines), picture books and comics.

Artist related to Zine 

  • Aqui Thami, and The Sister Library 

  • Renuka Rajiv

  • Shreyas R Krishnan

  •  Mil Ke Chai 

  • Pearl D Souza

Therefore , we can say that India is also the place where zine lovers are many in numbers . The genesis of zine culture lies with marginalised people. Historically disenfranchised communities have the greatest need for self-publishing. Many resistance movements have traditionally used zines to share their ideas. They may not call them zines

This spirit is alive in the work of Marathi feminist publication Mahila Ladaichi Katha, or Darjeeling-based Lali Guras, which publishes the work of local poets. If you go to Chaityabhoomi, especially around 6 December, you’ll see lots of stalls, self-published work in many Indian languages, whether it’s Ambedkar’s writings or songs of resistance. Ambedkar famously self-published much of his own work, finding few avenues in the mainstream discourse of the time.”

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