Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

Agriculture Infrastructure Fund




 Agriculture infrastructure fund has cross the rupees 8000 around mark after receiving 8665 application worth rupees 8216 crore

Key Points-

  • The largest share of the Pie is contributed by-
  1.  primary agricultural credit societies
  2.  agri entrepreneur
  3.  individual farmers
  • States leading the front are Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Karnataka and Rajasthan
  • While most of the states are leveraging their strong Cooperative network to take the lead Madhya Pradesh it stands out off with the highest non PAC applications
  • AIF has brought farmers and Agri Business together with News new partnership models emerging for the creation of distributed infra near farm get in a hub and spoke model

Host initiative-

department of agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare is undertaking a host initiative to accelerate on ground investment

-Khyati Khare

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