UPSC CSE Test Series for Sociology as Optional Paper 2024

Sociology Optional Test Series

UPSC CSE Test Series for Sociology as Optional Paper 2024

You are probably reading this because passing the UPSC CSE is on your to-do list or because you are currently prepared for the exam and are looking for some superior test series materials for the Sociology optional topic. But before we get started, let’s talk about the UPSC and learn more about sociology as an elective subject and the best approach to getting the highest scores in it.

So, UPSC CSE is the Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination, a big exam conducted by the government body UPSC to select candidates for civil services positions in the Indian Government. It’s a pretty important exam because it comes with some awesome perks like influence, pride, and power in society.

The exam has three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Interview, and each stage tests you in different ways. Now, when it’s time for the Mains Examination, you have to pick an optional subject for two papers. Let’s dive into the Sociology optional paper and its test series and see what it’s all about. Trust me, it’s going to be interesting!

Importance of Test Series for Sociology?

Test series for Sociology is incredibly important, and trust me, it’s not something to be taken lightly. Just ask anyone who has cracked UPSC CSE. You might think that you can conquer the exam by burying yourself in books and reading every line ever written. But let me tell you a secret: the real key to cracking UPSC CSE is practicing test series. They help you understand the exam pattern, improve time management, and boost your confidence. So, don’t underestimate the power of test series if you want to excel in Sociology and ace that exam!

Past Results of Sociology as an Optional Subject

Sociology has emerged as a highly popular choice for the optional paper in the UPSC CSE, and there are several compelling reasons behind its popularity. Firstly, the subject’s relevance to current affairs allows candidates to connect sociological concepts to real-world social issues, enhancing their understanding and analytical skills. Additionally, the overlapping syllabus with the General Studies papers enables students to simultaneously prepare for multiple sections of the examination, optimizing their time and effort.

Moreover, sociology’s interdisciplinary nature appeals to aspirants who appreciate studying the complexities of human society from various perspectives. Its scoring nature, with a manageable syllabus, further attracts candidates looking to maximize their marks. Importantly, sociology’s alignment with careers in social sciences and development sectors provides practical value and potential career pathways for aspirants.

The prominence of sociology as an optional subject is evident from the choices made by top rankers in the UPSC CSE 2022. Abhinav Siwach AIR 12 who scored 292, Swati Sharma AIR 15 who scored a total of 296 (160 in Optional Paper 1 and 136 in Optional Paper 2) and many more who opted for sociology have demonstrated its effectiveness in achieving exceptional scores.

What do the toppers think of test series for Sociology?

Test series play a crucial role in the preparation strategy of UPSC CSE toppers. Swati Sharma (AIR 15) & Abhinav Siwach (AIR 12) have endorsed the significance of test series in their journey. Swati emphasized how test series helped her develop a unique writing style for sociology answers, ensuring they didn’t resemble general studies papers. She utilized feedback from test series to refine and enhance her answer writing skills. Similarly, Abhinav Siwach hailed practicing with test series as the best approach to UPSC preparation. These testimonials highlight the value of subject/topic-wise test papers provided by coaching institutes like Plutus IAS, allowing aspirants to gauge their knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and fine-tune their exam strategies.

Best Test Series for Sociology

It can be difficult to discover test series that are designed to help you prepare and revise your subject matter while providing meaningful feedback among the profusion of test series available on the internet. Don’t worry, we offer the ideal test series to get you UPSC ready. Choose Plutus IAS test series for sociology optional preparation and achieve outstanding results. The only thing lacking from your preparation is the crucial input from our experienced instructors.

Effective Strategy for Preparing Sociology Optional for UPSC

Sociology is one of the most chosen optional subjects for UPSC and this is because of many factors as we have discussed above. A lot of people miscalculate the importance of optional papers. Optional papers can make or break your dream from happening.

If you are someone from a science/commerce background or someone with no or little knowledge of sociology, do not worry as it is absolutely possible to complete the sociology syllabus and even score good marks in UPSC. Let us discuss how you can do that.

Know the Syllabus

Firstly, go through the syllabus. It is very important to know the syllabus and maintain a calendar to complete the topics. If you have applied for a mentorship program, even then do not skip this step as every student has his/her own pace.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan when you should complete your syllabus if you are self-studying. The ideal period to complete optional paper is before prelims as you will be able to concentrate on your other Mains GS papers while also revising your Optional papers.

Be Honest and Consistent

It is important to be honest with your preparation while being consistent. Students usually mistake breaks for sin when preparing for UPSC. It is important to know your own study effectiveness. Sitting in front of a book 24*7 is of no use if you cannot retain the information. Ideally, optional papers like sociology can be easily covered in 4 months.

Test Your Progress

Keep testing your progress. Test series is a metric system to measure your subject knowledge and re-evaluate your strategy. If you are someone who believes in self-study, we encourage it. You can practice with Plutus IAS test series where we provide not just online & offline, but also hybrid mode whichever fits your shoe.

Understand Question Patterns

Smart work is better than hard work. The sky’s the limit when it comes to UPSC syllabus therefore it is important to know the question pattern well. It has been observed over the years that questions from Kinship, Thinkers, and Stratification from paper 1 & 2 come every year.

Make Your Answers Stand Out

The secret to scoring more marks than the other is to make your answer stand out. This is only possible if you also include your own opinion in your answer along with putting intersubjective reliability.

There is a very famous quote by Archilochus,” We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training”

Calculate your progress with test series for sociology optional paper with Plutus IAS. With our feedback many rankers have found success in UPSC CSE.

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