Meet Kolluru Venkata Srikanth AIR 1 IFoS UPSC Topper Who Defied All Odds

AIR 1 IFoS UPSC Topper

Meet Kolluru Venkata Srikanth AIR 1 IFoS UPSC Topper Who Defied All Odds

Andhra Pradesh proudly celebrates its achievement as Mr. Kolluru Venkata Srikanth clinched the top spot in the UPSC Indian Forest Service (IFoS) examination with an All India Rank (AIR) of 1. The UPSC IFS exam results for 2022 were announced in the first week of July, bringing forth the culmination of Mr. Srikanth’s remarkable journey. Through dedicated preparation spanning four years, he achieved his well-deserved success on his third attempt. He got 819 in his Mains paper where he had chosen Forestry and Geology. 

Every year UPSC conducts multiple exams for the selection of government posts in the Indian government. These exams are highly competitive in nature. IFoS Exam ( Indian Forest Service ) as the name suggests is for the selection of different levels of officers for the protection and development in the field of nature.

In this blog we will discuss the journey of Kolluru Venkata Srikanth to success. If you are someone who is preparing for the UPSC IFS exam, read this blog. We at Plutus IAS provide excellent coaching for UPSC IFS. 

Journey of Kolluru Venkata Srikanth UPSC IFoS AIR 1

The 26-year-old Andhra boy, Kolluru Venkata Srikanth, secured the first rank (AIR 1) in the UPSC IFoS exam. A passionate lover of knowledge and nature, his enthusiasm provided the motivation for his exam preparation. Despite failing the UPSC IFS exam in 2021, where he couldn’t clear the prelims, he identified his weaknesses and worked on them.

In 2022, through self-improvement and perseverance, he emerged as the topper with AIR 1. He said,” If you are clear about your motivation for this service, you can do it.” 

Family Background of AIR 1 IFoS UPSC Topper Kolluru Venkata Srikanth  

Kolluru Venkata Srikanth comes from a small town called Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh. He comes from a family of 4. His father is a retired SBI employee while his mother is a housewife. His older brother is an aspirant who is preparing for state civil services UPSC. 

In an interview, Srikanth expressed that his family was overjoyed upon learning about the results. He admitted feeling flabbergasted by achieving the first position as he had not anticipated such an outcome.

Educational Journey of Kolluru Venkata Srikanth

Srikanth completed his schooling up to the 12th grade in Guntur. He then pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Shiv Nadar University, located in Noida, and successfully graduated in 2019. It was after his graduation that he started preparing for competitive exams. He was first preparing for UPSC CSE exam and on learning about the Indian Forest Service, he started preparing for IFoS diligently. 

AIR 1 IFoS UPSC Topper Kolluru Venkata Srikanth  Exam Strategy

After experiencing failure in 2021, Srikanth shifted his focus towards the Preliminary examination. His strategy primarily involved engaging in extensive test series, solving quizzes provided by various coaching institutes, and attempting Previous Year Questions (PYQs) dating back to 2009. You can get excellent test series for different optional papers and mains exams at Plutus IAS. We take our mentorship very seriously and are dedicated to helping our aspirants excel in their exams. Since our mentorship happens in small batches (40-50 students) our expert teachers are able to give attention to each and every student. 

Alongside these practices, he diligently studied from standard books. Srikanth’s main strategy revolved around reading and revising the materials. Notably, he dedicated a significant amount of time to writing numerous tests prior to the actual examination, which proved to be his strong point.


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