Air Independent Propulsion

Air Independent Propulsion


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Recently The Defence Research Development Organisation has achieved a milestone in the development of Air Independent Propulsion system. The system was operated in endurance mode and max power mode.  The operation was successfully performed

What is Air Independent Propulsion System?

The Air Independent Propulsion System has developed by the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL) of DRDO.

 following are the key features of the Air Independent Propulsion system:

  • The Air Propulsion System allows the submarines to stay for long hours in water.
  • The submarines have to come to the surface of the water to charge their batteries.
  • This is reduced by Air Propulsion System.
  • It decreases the noise levels made by the submarines while travelling.
  • It becomes hard to detect submarines.
  • DRDO is developing the Air Propulsion Systems for diesel submarines.
  • It is a fuel-cell based Air Propulsion System.
  • This system uses a Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell.

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