Anthropology Planner

Anthropology Planner


Meaning, Scope and Development of Anthropology

Objectives to Understand 

Etymology and Definitions of Anthropology
Bio-Social Nature
Comparative, Integrative and Holistic Nature
Major branches of Anthropology
Relationship of Anthropology with other disciplines

Study Materials 

Refer to Ppt and Pdfs by Dr Huma Hassan

Few Thinkers of the Topic 






Charles Darwin 

Herbert Spencer 

E B Tylor, James Frazer, Henry Maine, and L. H. Morgan,

Previous Years Questions related to the Topic

Elaborate the scope of anthropology and elucidate its uniqueness in the field of other Social Science. Upsc, 2021,20 marks Mention the major branches of Linguistic anthropology and discuss language use in social and cultural settings. Upsc, 2020, 15mrks How can synergising the core branches of anthropology reinvigorate the holistic spirit of the discipline. Upsc, 2019, 10 marks The relationship between linguistics and Social-Cultural Anthropology. Upsc, 2019, 10 marks 

The relevance of Anthropology. Upsc, 2018, 10 marks Define Anthropology. Describe the major branches of Anthropology elaborating on any one branch. Upsc, 2017, 20 marks Differences between Social Anthropology and Sociology. Upsc,2016, 10m Archaeological Anthropology Upsc, 2015, 10 m Major Subdivisions of Anthropology. Upsc, 2014, 10 marks Ecological Anthropology Upsc, 2013, 10 m Epidemiological Anthropology Upsc, 2013, 10 m How do you situate Anthropology in Social Sciences Upsc,2013, 10 m Linguistic Anthropology Upsc, 2013, 10 m Differentiate between economics and Economic Anthropology 10 marks.

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