Black Necked Crane

Black Necked Crane

(General Studies paper- 3, Ecology

Source- The Hindu


Recently a group of Buddhist monks in Tawang district has opposed the Arunachal Pradesh government’s renewed push for hydropower projects.

About the Black Necked Cranes-

  • Both the sexes are almost of the same size but male is slightly bigger than female.
  • The upper long neck, head primarily and secondary flight feathers and tail are completely black and body plumage is pale gray
  • A conspicuous red crown adorns the head

Habitat and Breeding Ground-

  • The high altitude wetland of the Tibetan plateau, Sichuan and eastern Ladakh are the main breeding ground of the species, the birds spend winter at lower altitudes. 
  • In Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh , it only comes during winters.
  • In Arunachal Pradesh, it can be seen in three areas-

Sangti Valley in West Kameng district

Zemithang in Tawang district

Chug valley in Tawang district

Protection Status-

IUCN Red list- Near Threatened

Cites- Appendix-1

Indian Wildlife( Protection) Act- 1972


  • Damage to the eggs and chicks
  • Loss of Habitat

-Khyati Khare


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