Bomb Cyclone in USA

Bomb Cyclone in USA

Bomb Cyclone in USA

This article discusses how Bomb Cyclone in the USA affects climatology in relation to geography. In GS-1 and the following content has relevance for Daily Current Affairs for UPSC.

For prelims: Facts about cyclones, blizzards, and Bomb cyclones.

For mains: GS-1, Cyclone, and its formation.

Why in News: A bomb cyclone recently impacted the eastern United States, from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande at the border with Mexico. Winter weather alert or warning was in effect for almost 60% of Americans.

About Bomb Cyclone in the USA

  • A bomb cyclone is a sizable, powerful storm that forms in the mid-latitudes. It features low pressure at its center, weather fronts, and a variety of accompanying weather, including blizzards, severe thunderstorms, and heavy precipitation.
  • Forecasters are on high alert because bomb cyclones have the potential to do serious damage.

Process of Formation

  • When a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, losing at least 24 millibars in a 24-hour period, it happens.
  • When air from cold air masses and air over warm ocean waters combine, this can occur. This weather system, which is quickly strengthening, is generated by a process called
  • When a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly strengthens or rapidly loses atmospheric pressure, indicating the storm’s intensifying, it becomes a bomb cyclone.
  • Some storms have reached a maximum intensity of 60 millibars in under 24 hours. Some bomb cyclones even develop “eyes,” which resemble the hurricane’s eye.
  • The atmospheric pressure unit is the millibar.
Hurricanes Bomb cyclone
Warm oceans give hurricanes their energy. Winter cyclones include bomb cyclones. It happens as a result of the bombogenesis process.

They are most prevalent in the summer or early fall.


They develop during the winter seasons
Formed Due to the warmest seawater. They result from the collision of cold and warm air.
Hurricanes form in tropical waters. Mostly over Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, all of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines, and a portion of the Southwest, and the Pacific Coast. Bomb cyclones originate over the northwest Atlantic, northwest Pacific, and occasionally the Mediterranean Sea.

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