Chinese dam on Brahmaputra

Chinese dam on Brahmaputra

GS Paper2, India and its Neighborhood- Relations

Source- India Today

Hydropower project on the Brahmaputra river

  • China has constructed largest scale dam on the lower Yarlung Tsangpo
  •  propose inside the Grand Canyon of the Yarlung Tsangpo
  • This could be the world’s largest dam providing some 300 billion kilowatt hour of power electricity every year
  • China had Earlier plant 5 dams on the Main stretch of the river with two of them completed last year

 Importance of China

  •  clean and renewable hydropower energy
  •  carbon neutrality

 Brahmaputra drainage system

 Major left Bank tributaries

Burhi Dihing



 Major right Bank tributaries





 Importance of  Brahmaputra drainage system

  •  The Brahmaputra has braided channel, sitting and meandering
  •  The Brahmaputra is well known for flood channel shifting and Bank erosion
  •  This is due to the fact that most of its tributaries are large and bring large quantity of of sediments to owing to  heavy rainfall in Its catchment area


  • India is concerned about the Chinese activities affecting the quality of water,  ecological balance and the flood management
  •  India and China do not have a water sharing agreement
  •  Both Nation share hydrological data so it becomes important to share genuine data and have continuous dialogue on issues like warning  of droughts, floods and high water discharges

– Khyati Khare

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