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What is Culture?

  • Culture is a way of life that includes food to dance from literature to architecture.

What is Multiculturalism and Pluralism:-

  • On one hand, Multiculturalism refers to the coexistence of diverse religious, ethnic or cultural groups within a society and on the other cultural pluralism refers to a phenomenon where minority groups participate fully in the dominant society, but while maintaining their cultural differences.

What is the feature of Multiculturalism:-

  • Composite culture

  • Culture beyond compartments

  • Constant dialogue

  • Mutual change of Ideas

  • Interrogation of settled belief.

Why compartmentalization in Indian society?

  • Absence of solid-state civil society engagements in pedagogy.

  • Segregation at the workplace is based on caste, religion, etc.

  • Lack of interpersonal relationships in society.

  • Lack of intercultural relations.

  • Politics based on religion.

There is a stark difference between south India and north India according to Pew Research:- 

  • In several aspects south differs from the north not by a small, but a substantial margin to the rest of India but huge in which are like the superiority of one’s own religion, having friends and neighbors from other religions, preventing inter-religious marriages, the importance of being a Hindu and speaking Hindi to be a true Indian, prohibition of beef.

Way Forward

The success of multiculturalism in India some argue that it is there but some confront. We have communities of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, etc. that have melted well and enhanced the progress of India. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity, etc. This diversity follows mainly from length and breadth across the country. There is always a challenge for a nation to strike a balance between unity and diversity or managing unity in such diverse socio-cultural situations. In India pluralism describes the reality of cultural diversity and It is an attempt to create a society in which the best of all inputs continue to integrate. It also allows for many different groupings but does not try to impose a uniform status on all of them. But at the same time, multiculturalism means showing respect and tolerance to other cultures and faith. It also says that all minority values must have equal status to those of the majority. Our constitution also provides fundamental rights for the preservation of diversity. 

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