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What is Culture?

  • Culture is a way of life that includes food to dance from literature to architecture.

What is Multiculturalism and Pluralism:-

  • On one hand Multiculturalism refers to the coexistence of diverse religious, ethnic or cultural groups within a society and on the other cultural pluralism refers to a phenomenon where minority groups participate fully in the dominant society, but while maintaining their cultural differences.

What is the feature of Multiculturalism:-

  • Composite culture
  • Culture beyond compartments
  • Constant dialogue
  • Mutual change of Ideas
  • Interrogation of settled belief.

Why compartmentalization in indian society?

  • Absence of solid-state civil society engagements in pedagogy.
  • Segregation at the workplace is based on caste, religion etc.
  • Lack of interpersonal relationships in society.
  • Lack of intercultural relations.
  • Politics based on religion.

There is a stark difference between south india and north india according to Pew Research:- 

  • In several aspects south differs from the north not by a small, but a substantial margin to the rest of India but huge in which are like superiority of one’s own religion, having friends and neighbours from other religions, preventing inter-religious marriages, the importance of being a Hindu and speaking Hindi to be a true Indian, prohibition of beef.
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