Curb on Indian media

Curb on Indian media

(GS PAPER-2, Transparency and Accountability

Source- Livemint)


 Recently  United States department released the Human Rights report 2020

Highlights of the report-

  • The report which is submitted each year to the US Congress is retrospective and contains a country-wise discussion of the state’s human right.
  • Although the Indian government respected the freedom of expression there were several instances in which the government or actors considered  close to the government allegedly pressurized or harassed media outlets critical of the government including through online trolling

The report mentions the following cases-

  •  April 2020 detention of a pregnant Jamia Millia student who was protesting the government’s citizenship laws
  • The arrest of JNU student under the unlawful activities prevention act

 what is freedom of the press-

  • Freedom of the press is not expressly protected by Indian legal system but it is implicitly protected under article 19(1)(a) of the constitution which state all citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression
  •  In 1950 the supreme court in Romesh Thapar vs the State of Madras observe that freedom of press lay at the foundation of all democratic organization

However, freedom of the press is also not absolute-

The law could impose certain restriction under Article 19(2) which is as follows-

  •  matters related to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India the security of the state friendly relation with foreign state public order decency or morality

 Importance of the freedom of the press-

  • With Free media, people will be able  to participate in the decisions of the government
  • Hence media can be rightly considered as the fourth pillar of democracy

– Khyati Khare

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