Deep Ocean Mission

Deep Ocean Mission

  (General Studies paper 3- Environment

    Source- Pib)



Union finance minister in the budget 2021 22 announced an allocation of over rupees 4000 crore over next 5 years for deep ocean missions. This is in addition to the Rs. 1897 crores located for the ministry of Earth science in the current financial year.




This scheme has been proposed by Ministry of earth sciences


 Objective of the  mission-


 Deep ocean mission is Government of India mission to study the various aspects of ocean in an integrated framework as the Indian Space Research Organisation has been studying space


 various components of the scheme


Studies are planned at deep ocean close to 6000 and following six major component-

  •  mineral exploration on the sea bed
  •  study and mapping of biodiversity
  •  study  of climate change
  • exploration of marine biology and developing allied courses and training
  •  development and demonstration of ocean exploration
  •  Offshore Technologies for future


Features of the scheme


  • This mission will  enable India to exploit the resource of the central Indian ocean basin 
  • India has been allocated aside of 150000 kilometre per square in the central Ocean basin United Nations International seabed authority for the exploitation of poly metallic nodules


What is polymetallic nodules


  • These are  potato shaped largely Porus nodules found in abundance carpeting the sea floor of the world ocean in the deep sea.
  • These are considered to be of economic and strategic importance for the country. 
  • The metals can be extracted and used in electronic devices, smartphones, batteries and even for solar panels.


 Environmental consequences-


  •  The scrapping of the ocean floor by machines can alter what destroy its in habitats 
  • Sea Species could be affected by noise vibration and Light pollution caused by mining equipment
  • Issues or leaks and spills of fuel and toxic product


                                                                -Khyati Khare

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