Development in Horticulture sector

Development in Horticulture sector




Union agriculture ministry has allocated rupees 2250 crore for realising the huge potential of the Horticulture sector in 2021-22 


  • For holistic growth of the Horticulture capital in the country Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare the located 2250 crore rupees for mission for  integrated development of horticulture
  • The allocation is significantly higher than the previous year allocation 
  • Allocation has been communicated to the state for preparing annual Action Plan

Mission for integrated development of horticulture

  • This scheme is for the holistic growth and development of the Indian horticulture 
  • Agriculture ministry is implementing this centrally sponsored scheme
  • The objective is to realize the potential of the Horticulture after covering fruit, vegetable and Tuber crop, mushroom, spices, flowers, aromatic plants, coconut Cashew and cocoa

-Khyati Khare

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