Genome Study

Genome Study



The researchers of the Centre for Palaeogenetics, Stockholm has recently showed that the populations of Sumatran Rhinoceros displayed low levels of inbreeding

About the Genome Study

  1. In order to monitor their inbreeding levels, the researchers had sequenced the genomes from 16 rhinos on Sumatra and Borneo region.
  2. The findings that the rhinos are facing low levels of inbreeding was based on this genome sequencing.
  3. At present the rhinos in Sumatra and Borneo are facing high genetic diversity and very low inbreeding levels.
  4. It is said that the low inbreeding levels are due to small population size.
  5. The researchers have found that the frequency of potentially harmful mutations was very high.
  6. This shows that closely related parents produced offspring that suffer from genetic diseases.
  7. Now the researchers will study the sequenced genome to estimate their inbreeding levels, frequency of potentially harmful mutations and genetic variations.

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