How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months

How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 months

How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months

The second stage of the UPSC CSE examination is called the Mains Stage after the aspirants are able to clear the prelims round in the first part.  The Mains examination has nine descriptive papers. The four General studies papers, two optional subject papers and essays and two qualifying languages of their choice. The students often get confused about How to Prepare for the UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months. The reasons are many for the aspirants as they prepare for the written examination. The paucity of time, haphazard strategy and no guidance brings the aspirant’s preparation to a confusing halt. The students then doubt themselves in this stage of the examination. We have tried to explain and give instructions to students further in this post.

How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months

As the saying goes, “When going gets tough, the tough gets going”. UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months is not an easy task and knowing the right resources, an on-time schedule and a disciplined approach is required by the aspirants. Even if they have no idea about the syllabus, the Mains examination is still manageable by the exam standards. There are a few steps that we advise students to take so that their confusion gets sorted out and they come out on the other side with flying colours.

  • Step 1: Understand the Exam Structure.
  • Step 2: Join the Plutus IAS GS Mains Support Program.
  • Step 3: Enroll in the Optional Mains Support Program by Plutus IAS.
  • Step 4: Follow a Daily Study Routine.
  • Step 5: Take Regular Mock Tests.
  • Step 6: Stay Positive and Motivated.


Steps Explained: How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months

Understand the Exam Structure:

The UPSC syllabus is like a maze, and a breakdown of the mains syllabus from the point of view of the general Studies 1,2,3 and 4 perspectives and their subtopics is necessary. The core part of the optional subjects whether science or humanities needs to be dissected to understand the broader themes. The aspirants can also get counselling from reputed coaching institutes like Plutus IAS.

Join the Plutus IAS GS Mains Support Program:

The Plutus IAS GS Mains Support Program is like an around solution for all the mains-related problems. Plutus IAS has a lot of experienced faculty members and mentors who have vast experience in this field. They will help aspirants in reducing the panic and confusion regarding the preparation of the main examination. The focused and dedicated approach is followed by the faculty members and experts that has yielded good results over the years.

Enroll in the Optional Mains Support Program by Plutus IAS:

The students need to follow a different path for their optional subject, and they need to complete the previous year’s question papers as well as incorporate the current affairs in their mains answer writing that can be aided by the experienced faculty at Plutus IAS. The various expert faculty panels of different subjects have guided several students in various subjects over the years.

Follow a Daily Study Routine:

The students are advised to devise a plan that fits their studying style and approach. The aspirants should not get pressured by the complex topics and the time required to process them. By being consistent in the method of studying and following a flexible and well-adjusted timetable students can achieve success in the UPSC CSE Examination.

Take Regular Mock Tests:

Aspirants who are consistent with practice in attempting mock tests and test series are known to perform better than the students who have not attempted the tests. Plutus IAS designs its test series with the help of subject matter experts of various general studies subjects as well as optional subjects. The mock tests comprise of previous year’s questions and issues that are international or of national importance

Stay Positive and Motivated: 

The Mains examination is a stressful examination and aspirants should look inward for motivation and be cheerful in their preparation. The UPSC preparation is riddled with stress and doubts and most of us are lost in that process.  The students can get exhausted as the mains preparation is finished. This part of life should be taken as a challenge and effort should be put in to stay highly motivated.

In Conclusion, The aspirants are advised to follow all the steps mentioned in the above post of How to Prepare for UPSC Mains Exam in 3 Months so that they don’t get sidetracked and follow a set path in their preparation. If the students who are about to take their Mains examinations can follow the maximum steps explained above in the post, they will be able to clear the examination and hopefully get into the esteemed final merit list of the UPSC CSE Examination.

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