Immunisation Agenda 2030

Immunisation Agenda 2030

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This was launched by three body World Health Organisation, GAVI, and UNICEF. The program has been titled “A Global Strategy to leave No One Behind”. The program aims to maximize the lifesaving impact of vaccines. The Agenda of Immunisation 2030 was launched during World Immunisation Week.

Key Features of IA 2030

The objective is to promote “Vaccination throughout life”, that is, from infancy to adolescence and till old age.
According to the report of WHO, if completely implemented, the IA 2030 will avert fifty million deaths.
Out of this 75% of them will be in low-income and in lower-middle-income countries.

Priorities of IA 2030-

  • Priorities of IA 2030 are as follows:
  • Commitment and Demand
  • Coverage and Equity
  • Outbreaks and Emergencies
  • Life Course and Integration
  • Supply and Sustainability
  • Research and Innovation
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