India Energy Outlook 2021 report

India Energy Outlook 2021 report

 (General Studies- Paper 3, Environmental Reports

Source- The Hindu)


 The International Energy agency releases  the  India energy Outlook 2021 report.  it is a special report from the International Energy agency world energy Outlook series

 About the report

  •  The report has been released by International Energy agency
  •  This report aims to ensure a reliable affordable and sustainable energy for a growing population
  •  The opportunities and challenges ahead for India
  •  It examines the long-term impacts of the pandemic on India’s energy supply demand and investment using the latest available energy data
  • It also suggest Pathways out of the crisis
  •  India will be third largest energy consumer by 2030
  • At present India is the fourth largest global energy consumer behind China the US and the European Union
  •  India share in the growth of the renewable energy in the second largest in the world after China

 International Energy agency

  • This is an autonomous intergovernmental Organisation established in 1974 in Paris France
  •  It mainly focuses on its energy policies which include economic development, energy security and environmental protection.
  •  India became an associate member of IEA in March 2017 but it was in engagement with IE a long before its Association with the organisation
  •  The world energy Outlook report is released by IEA annually

                                                    -Khyati Khare

Daily Current Affairs 26 February 2021.

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