Indian Progress on Sustainable Development

Indian Progress on Sustainable Development




  • Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability.
  • It generates a consistent stream of power to meet basic human needs, maintain and improve social functioning, and advance living standards.
  • Validating the same, SDG-7 commits affordable and clean energy for all.

Means to achieve the goal:

  • To expand energy access, it is crucial to enhance energy efficiency and to invest in renewable energy. 
  • The energy produced should be as sustainable as possible
  • India has a vast renewable energy potential through wind, solar, biomass, and small hydro which is concentrated in certain parts of the country. But to tap on these endowments, India’s renewable energy sector requires significant financing.

Steps were taken by India: 

  • India intends to achieve 40% cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel-based energy resources by 2030, as one of the ways to curb global temperature increase.
  • Indian Government has also focussed its attention on the rural clean energy sector by supporting distributed generation in the form of community-based, self-sufficient biomass and solar power.
  • National Solar Mission also has an ambitious goal of providing 2 crore solar lighting systems in place of kerosene lamps to rural communities.
  • Installations of solar power systems, particularly on rooftops, all over the country. The target of 40 GW rooftop solar by 2022 will result in the abatement of about 6 crore tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. 

Way Forward:

  • Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy is integral to global development in the twenty-first century.
  • But, there are challenges that require a pragmatic, multi-faceted approach. Solutions need to be developed at both local and global scales, where Governments and agencies must work together. 

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