Iron Dome air defence system

Iron Dome air defence system




Israel much vaunted Iron Dome missile defence system is intercepting a Barrage of rocket fired by Hamas and other palestine’s  militants from Gaza as tensions escalate between Israel and Palestine

Gnesis of Iron Dome

  • It goes back to the 2006 Israel  Lebanon when hezbollah fired thousands of rocket into Israel
  • Soon after Israel announced that its state Run Aircraft advance system would come up with a new Air defence system to protect its cities and people
  • Iron Dome came into being developed by Rafael advanced defence system and Israel Aerospace industries financial and technical support from the United States

About Iron Dome

  •  it was deployed in 2011
  •  it is a short-range ground to air defence system that includes a radar and interceptor missile
  •  it track and neutralize any rocket on missiles aimed at Israeli targets
  •  it is used for counting rocket artillery and water as well as aircraft Helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicle
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