Kinnal Craft

Kinnal Craft


Recently a report has stated that Social Media has given a boost to the artisans of the Kinnal Craft and their wooden dolls. Social Media has provided them a platform to advertise their products online to the world and sell them.

About Kinnal Craft-

It is a traditional craft which has been done on wood. It is the local craft of Kinhal or Kinnal town in the Koppal District of Karnataka.

GI status-

It was awarded the Geographical Indication tag in 2012.


  • The artisans of this craft are identified as Chitragars.
  • The wood used by them is a local wood known as Polki Maran.


  • The intricate carvings in the Hampi Chariot are believed to be a Kinnal Craft.
  • The toys made by Kinhal craft have a signature gold and silver colour which is done by using a special technique named as Lajwara Technique.


  • The basic theme of the craft is primarily Hindu Mythology.
  • They make idols of deities such as Hanuman, Durga Garuda etc.
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