Mission Karmayogi: National programme for civil services capacity building

Mission Karmayogi: National programme for civil services capacity building

  ( General Studies paper 2- Important Aspects of Governance)

                        (Source- Pib)

 Objective of the scheme

  • To transform capacity building in the bureaucracy through institutional and process reforms
  •  To build a future reading Civil Servant with the right attitude skills knowledge aligned to the vision of new India

Features of the scheme

  •  The scheme is going to cover 46 lacs of Central Government employees  at all levels with  an outlay of Rs. 500 crore to be spent over a five year period
  •  The core guiding principles of the program will be–
  • Supporting transition from rule based to role based human resources

     –    To emphasize on site learning  to complement the offside learning

   –     To calibrate all civil services position to a framework of rows activities  and competencies 

  –     To create  and deliver learning content relevant to the identified framework of  prose activities and competencies in every government entities

Implementation of the program

  • The program will be delivered through an integrated government online training or IGOT  Karmyogi digital platform  with the content drawn from global best practices rooted in Indian National ethos
  • The platform will enable a comprehensive reform  of capacity building Apparatus at the individual institutional and process level and online database will be maintained on what course they have completed how did they cooperate what areas does their expertise lies in etc

Significance of the program

  • To develop a domain knowledge  base to maintain administrative capacity in the bureaucracy 
  • To formalize the recruitment process and match the  public service to a bureaucrats competence so as to find the right person for the right job.

                                                                                                -Khyati Khare

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