Net Zero

Net Zero

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 Source- The Hindu)


US president special envoy on climate is currency visit to India trying to rekindle climate change partnership

 key points-

  • To reclaim the Global climate leadership the US is widely expected to comment itself 200 zero-emission targets for 2050 at the climate leaders Summit
  • Several countries have already enacted laws promising to Achieve Net zero emissions Scenario by the middle of the century during the UK and France
  • The European Union is working on a similar European Wide law
  • Countries including Canada South Korea Japan and Germany have expressed their intention to commit themselves to a net-zero future
  • China has also promised to go net-zero by 2060

Net Zero Goal

  • It is also required as carbon neutrality
  • State in which countries emissions are compensated by absorption and removal greenhouse gases  from the atmosphere
  • If the absorption and Removable exceed the actual emission it is even possible for a country to have a negative emission.

-Khyati Khare

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