New assessment system for class 10th

New assessment system for class 10th




The Central Board of Secondary Education has released its objective Criterion on the basis of class 10th will be assessed following the cancellation of board examination  for students of this grade

 key highlights

  • Around 21.5 class 10 subjected to A new system of assessment
  • This system is largely drawn on assessment conducted throughout the course of the Year
  • The board has had to account for large scale variation in the situation of different school and students
  • With many schools likely to not have been able to conduct All the cycles of assessment throughout the year 
  • Many students likeliness have not appeared in those conducted
  • There may be difference in terms of the mode of examination that is online or offline


Assessment pattern

  •  The basic breakup of marks provided by the board is as follows:
  1.  20 marks based on the internal assessment  which had already been conducted by most school with marks already uploaded
  2.  10 marks for unit test
  •  the basic breakup of marks by the board is as follows:
  1.  30 marks for half yearly examination
  2.  40 marks for pre board examination
  •  At the Centre of the assessment process this time are different committee that are to be formed in every school
  • this committee will comprise
  1.  the principal
  2.  five features from mathematics social and  two language
  •  At the Centre of the assessment process is time are that committee that are to be formed in  school
  •  it has been left to this committee to draw a criteria of 80 marks to a rationale document  for in case where all tests have not been conducted or their students have not appeared for the  assessment

 Standardized  mechanism

  • The board has prescribed a system of internal modulation by all school
  •  It is based on the historical performance of a school taking the best performance in the last three years board examination as the reference year
  • According to the board policy the subject wise marks by the school for 2021 obtained by the school  for 2021 should be within a range of two marks obtained by the school in the reference period

Policy for those who do not wake the qualifying mark

  •  The board has stated that it will apply it policy of awarding Grace Mark to those who do not be qualified  criteria
  •  If a child is still not able to meet the criteria after  Grace Mark they will be placed in compartment category
  •  The compartment exam will be held by the school as an objective type online or offline exam based on  use sample question papers provided by the CBSE and not at a centralised exam as is usually held
  • The child may be allowed to continue in class 9th till the compartment results are released

-Khyati Khare

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