Political Violence

Political Violence


SOURCE- mha.nic.in, Sansad TV

What is political violence-

Political violence is considered as violence that is perpetrated by people or governments in order to achieve their political goals. It can include violence which is used by a state against other states or it can describe the violence that is used against non-state actors.

causes of Political violence-

  • As stated by Kautilya in Arthashastra the wrong policies of the government and immodest behavior of the rulers give birth to the revolt of the masses. Excessive taxation, fluctuation in the prices of goods, deliberate disregard of laws and policies, and unjust treatment by the government lead to political violence.
  • As soon as the decolonization process began in third-world countries it is seen that people are moving towards political consciousness. This leads to problems in the country which has a diverse culture, such as in India we have seen political violence in Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir where people are demanding self-determination from the province.
  • It is also seen that Ideology has played an important role in the spread of political violence such as Fascist idea glorified force and violence and advocates racial superiority and the Unity of Interests of people with the nation-states.
  • Most of the countries in the world are inhabited by people who adhere to different religions and faiths and belong to different ethnic concerns. Here people don’t want to lose their separate identity and it leads to political violence.

– Khyati Khare

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