Protests against the new “National Emblem”

Protests against the new “National Emblem”

Protests against the new “National Emblem” – Today Current Affairs

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What’s the problem?

Many people have been dismayed with the new emblem’s purported portrayal errors after getting their first glimpse of it atop the new Parliament Building.

What specifics are there regarding the new emblem? The Hindu Analysis

This new, 6.5-meter-tall metal insignia is a component of the Central Vista Project. Sunil Deore and Romiel Moses were in charge of its design.

The new logo is displayed at the centre of the new Parliament building’s Central Foyer.

In contrast to the majesty and glory of the original, the lions on the new emblem are observed to be “mad,” with their teeth exposed.

What is the background of the national anthem? The Hindu Analysis

The Lion Capital of Mauryan emperor Asoka at Sarnath is adapted in the national anthem.It was constructed around 250 BC to honour Gautama Buddha’s alleged first discourse in which he taught the Four Noble Truths of life.

In the original, a circular abacus stands on a bell-shaped lotus, which is itself supported by four Asiatic lions mounted back to back.

The polished sandstone sculpture, which stood 7 feet tall, symbolised strength, courage, and pride. The Hindu Analysis

An elephant, a horse, a bull, and a lion are shown in high relief on the abacus’s freeze as they move clockwise.

On all four sides, Dharma Chakras or wheels that stand in for the Buddhist Dharmachakra separate these creatures.

Buddhism’s emblem, the inverted lotus, was used to support this abacus.

History: Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang left behind a thorough description of the pillar in his writings. The Hindu Analysis

Asoka used the pillar as part of his strategy to disseminate Buddha’s teachings.

Why did the Sarnath pillar become the country’s symbol? The Hindu Analysis

The Sarnath pillar was chosen by the Constituent Assembly as the country’s flag because it symbolised the strength, bravery, and self-assurance of a free people.

The logo features a 2-D sculpture with the Devanagari-scripted words Satyameva Jayate (truth alone prevails), which are borrowed from the Mundaka Upanishad, written beneath it. The Hindu Analysis

The insignia was made by five of renowned artist Nandalal Bose’s pupils.

The Lion Capital of Ashoka in Sarnath was made the official national symbol of India on January 26, 1950.The emblem serves as the Republic of India’s seal.

What is the current replica’s controversy? The Hindu Analysis

The lions in the most recent reproduction appeared “too fierce,” which amounted to altering the original in a haste to fulfil the Central Vista Project deadline.The original symbol is expressionless.The designers responded to complaints that the lions appeared violent by stating that perspective was the key.The new representation is 6.5 m high as opposed to the original structure’s 1.6 m height.

Additionally, the most recent representation is 33 metres above ground level, although the original Lion Capital was at ground level.


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