QUAD and INDO-RUSSIA Relations : change in EQUATIONS

QUAD and INDO-RUSSIA Relations : change in EQUATIONS

QUAD and INDO-RUSSIA Relations : change in EQUATIONS – Today Current Affairs

CONTEXT : Quad ( the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) recently had a snap virtual meeting.

DEVELOPMENTS – India, the U.S., Australia and Japan, leaders discussed Russia-Ukraine crisis including territorial and maritime security across the Indo-Pacific.

  •  In the joint statement, issued after the summit, the four nations reaffirmed –
  •  The commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific with sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states respected 
  • That the countries are free from military, economic, and political coercion

 The latest Quad meeting was in part likely motivated by the concern of the U.S., Australia, and Japan that :-

 India, is NOT condemning Russia in launching a ground offensive across the Russia-Ukraine border and to bomb Ukrainian infrastructure, so it can’t be on the same page as the other Quad members vis-à-vis this conflict.


  •  Condemned Russia’s aggression 
  •  Slapped Kremlin elites and Organisations linked to them with crippling sanctions. 

INDIA’S STANCE : The Hindu Analysis

India→  abstained from three UN resolutions condemning Russia. 

There is also a considerable difference on the Russia-Ukraine issue in terms of the individual readouts of the Quad members. 

The U.S., Australia and Japan-

  •  Called out Russia’s attempt to unilaterally force changes to the status quo in Ukraine  
  • Vowed not to let such action occur anywhere in the Indo-Pacific 

India → only referenced Ukraine in passing, in the context of establishing a new humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mechanism for this cause.

INDIA → Need to remain close to Moscow, who is its major defence supplier.

DERIVATIONS :  Today Current Affairs

  1. South Block is playing hardball with the mandarins at the U.S. State Department over getting a CAATSA waiver for India’s purchase of $5.43 billion worth of the Russian Triumf missile defence system.
  2. To balance the rise of China as a potential Asian hegemon, the Quad, cannot afford to alienate India, who is a critical partner in the global-strategic plan.
  3. In case, Russian occupying forces begin committing war crimes and human rights violations in contravention of the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other applicable global treaties → INDIA-RUSSIA relations will be tested.

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