QUAD Grouping

QUAD Grouping

QUAD Grouping- Today Current Affairs

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  • Quad which was formulated in response to the 2004 natural disaster is once again helping tackle another world crisis – covid-19. In this regard the members of the Quad are unified to save the planet from environmental degradation.


Key Points


  • The United State hosted the first ever in person Summit of Quad at White House to address the climate degradation issue and partner on emerging technologies in 2021.


  • To make the Indo Pacific region more resilient to changing climate, emphasis was laid on critical Information sharing and creating disaster resilient infrastructure.


  • Member countries also agreed to provide assistance to Small Island Nations by building a new technical facility through Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.


What is Quad? The Hindu Analysis


  • It is a strategic dialogue between four countries namely – Australia, USA, Japan  and India , with the objective of ‘free open and prosperous Indo Pacific region’. The common interest of all 4 member countries lies in the free and unhindered maritime trade in security.




  • The group traces its origin to the 2004 Tsunami where these countries met and coordinated in the relief operation.


  • Later they met in 2007 on the sidelines of the Asian summit where Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mooted the idea of Quad.


Quad and China: The Hindu Analysis


  • The objective of Quad countries  is to promote free Maritime routes in the Indo Pacific region. There is a general understanding that it would not take on a military dimension against any country. However the opinion of China on Quad grouping differs and nevertheless China has branded it as emerging ‘Asian NATO’.


Significance of Quad: The Hindu Analysis


  • Promoting Maritime security, since each member shares the objective of free and open indo-pacific . They will collaborate in economic and development projects and at the same time promote critical Information sharing thereby increasing the awareness and Maritime security.


  • The grouping provides opportunities to like-minded countries to work together on various development projects and promote common interest.


  • Along with economic development, countries are working together to help save the planet from climate crisis and environmental degradation.


Challenges: The Hindu Analysis


  • Chinese rising economic power is an area of concern for Quad grouping because all the four members are dependent on China for the ratio of trade happening with it.


  • Chinese claim over the entire south China sea is grave concern as it hampers the spirit of free Maritime sea. Along with this China also claims that since it owns South China Sea it has right to manufacture the island which was however rejected by the International Court of arbitration in 2016.


  • Checkbook diplomacy of China – the project and funding like OBOR, Maritime Silk route, Unsustainable debt and project funding are being deployed to attract small Nations.


  • The Chinese have further come closer to ASEAN with signing of RCEP(Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership).


  • One of the weaknesses of Quad is the divergence in Geographic areas of maritime priority among four Nations.


Way forward: The Hindu Analysis


  • It is important for the Quad to have clear vision and exhibit openness. The members shall have clear strategy to promote free and open Indo-pacific.


  • The Quad shall coordinate with Asian nations on the matter of regional importance along with building a robust regional consultation mechanism.


  • A coherent strategy must be developed by all four members together to tackle China rather than acting in individual capacity and interest.

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