Relation between Right and Duties

Relation between Right and Duties




Rights basically belong to the liberal political theory. 

The theory of natural rights is the oldest theory, according to which man was born with certain rights and men had created the state to continue to enjoy the right properly, it talks about there is no right to live on liberty in the absence of the state.

Issues related to Right-

As the development goes on, a new concept has emerged which is known as human rights  it implies that whether the state give or not all human beings have the right and it is the responsibility of the state and the international community to ensure the right to the man for being a man

Socialist Approach-

The socialists do not talk about the right but emphasize the duties.  According to the socialist, there is no interest among people, no need for right only there will be a state who will give the people according to need. In the second world war, fascists leaders stated that man has no rights and men are bound to follow the duties only.

Way Forward-

 it is to be noted that every person who is enjoying the right has certain duties also.  When one person’s right enters the domain of another person’s right, it becomes the first person’s duty to curtail its right so that other people also properly enjoy their right.

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