Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

  (General Studies Paper 3- Planning and Employment

                                  Source- Pib)

 What does it mean

  • Sustainable Tourism  take full account of its current and future economic social and environmental impacts
  • It is addressing the needs of  visitors, industry the environment and host communities
  •  It is a tool to raise awareness about the environment
  • Goal Number 12 of the sustainable development goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and production pattern 

Methods to achieve Sustainable Tourism

  •  Environmental awareness
  •  Disaster management
  •  Pollution Control
  • Visitor control
  • Tourist trafficking management
  •  crisis management
  •  waste management
  •  quality standard mechanism
  •  tourism enterprise development governance
  •  marketing and branding

 what is the need for it

  •  environmental threats
  •  economic threat
  •  Cultural threat

Government initiatives

  • Tourism has existed for a very long time, apart from pilgrimage tourism India has ecological, scientific, historical, cultural and medicinal tourism places.
  • Government has celebrated  Paryatan Parv
  • The Government has launched  various schemes such as Swadesh Darshan scheme, North  east India circuit, Himalayan circuit,  Buddha circuit etc
  • National Mission on pilgrimage rejuvenation and spiritual Heritage augmentation drive( PRASAD)  was launched by the Ministry of Tourism with the objective of Holistic development of identified  destination in 2017
  •  A mobile application called Swachh Paryatan was launched in 2016 which let’s citizen report any hygiene issue at various tourist destination across the country 

 Tourism sector in India

  •  India ranks 15 in the world in terms of international tourism receipts
  •  India is the third highest foreign exchange earner in the tourism sector
  •  The policy of the government is to create hundred million jobs in tourism and attract 40 million foreign tourists in the country in the coming five years

Challenges in the tourism sector

  •   lack of funds
  •  Pollution
  •  Ecological challenges
  •  Technological advancement are very low
  •  Challenging Terrain
  •  Infrastructural development is not upto the mark 
  • Cleanliness and hygiene

 – Khyati Khare

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