Target Rating Points

Target Rating Points


Recently The Mumbai Police has claimed about The Target Rating points manipulation scams by some TV channels through rigging the devices used by the Broadcast Audience Research.

About Target Rating Points-

  • The TRP is the metric used by the marketing and advertising agencies to evaluate viewers.
  •  According to these points Any one who watches Television for more than one minute is considered a viewer.
  •  This tool is used to analyse which television program is viewed the most.
  •  This gives an index of choice of the people and shows the popularity of the particular program.

Bar-O- Meters

  • Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has installed Bar- O- Meters in 45000 empanelled households. 
  • These meters record viewing details as well as audio watermarks of the content. 
  • Audio watermarks are not audible to the human ear but can easily be detected and decoded using dedicated hardware and software.


  • The households are chosen by the annual Establishment Survey. 
  • It is a large-scale face to face survey of a sample of approximately 3 Lakhs households from the target populations. 
  • However it is important that the panel chosen to capture TRPs must be representatives of the country’s population.

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC)-

  • It is a company created in 2010. 
  • This council is jointly owned by the Advertisers, Ad Agencies and Broadcasting Companies. 
  • The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting notified the Policy Guidelines for Television Rating Agencies in January 2014. 
  • The Ministry registered BARC in july 2015 under these guidelines to carry out television ratings in India.


TRPs are the important tool for advertisers to decide which channel to advertise on by calculating the cost per rating point.

Limitation of TRP-

There is an absence of any specific law through which the agent/ suspects involved in panel tampering/ infiltration could be penalised.

(Source- India Today)

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