Telescope in the deepest lake

Telescope in the deepest lake

(GS PAPER 3, Science and Technology- Developments and their Applications 

Source- Livemint)


  •  Russian scientist Launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescope called the Baikal Gigaton Volume Detector
  •  It is in the waters of Lake Baikal the world’s deepest lake situated in Siberia

Important points related to the telescope-

  • The construction of the Baikal GVD Telescope started in 2016
  • It is motivated by the mission to study d in detail the fundamental particles called neutrino
  • Studying this will  aid scientist in Understanding the Origins of the universe neutrinos formed during the big bang
  •  other continued to be formed as a result of supernova explosion or because of nuclear reaction in the sun

 what are fundamental particles

The universe is made up of some fundamental particles that are indivisible

 these particles are classified into Quarks and leptons

 what is quark

  • These are elementary particles that come in pairs of similar with one having a charge of positive and the other a charge of  negative 

Importance of neutrinos

  • They are abundant in nature with about a thousand million of them passing through the human body every second
  •  In fact, they are the second most abundant particles after photons which are particles of light
  •  while  neutrinos are abundant  they are not easy to catch this is because they do not carry a charge as a result of which they do not interact with matter
  • They have unique properties that would help explain why the universe is made up of matter instead of antimatter 

-Khyati Khare


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